Tesla launches Cybertruck. The Tesla Cybertruck is so far the company’s first electric pickup truck. With new factories spinning up vehicle production and an impressive financial quarter under its belt, Tesla is riding high. The official design studio of Tesla once again opens its gates for all the Tesla fans and journalists in Hawthrone, California to show off its latest product – The Cybertruck.

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, once again took the stage. Because he doesn’t like to miss the chance and remind everyone that sustainable energy is the key to making the world a greener place. The event steals everyone’s attention when Musk reveals that the Cybertruck will come in three versions. Cybertruck version one will have the capacity to go 250 miles in a single charge. However, versions two and three will go 300 miles and 500 miles of range in a single charge respectively. In addition, Tesla CEO also revealed the price for Cybertruck that starts from $39,900. Cybertruck won’t be rolling off the assembly line until late 2021. However, fans can go for pre-ordering it at its official site.

Tesla Cybertruck: Includes Better Utility than a Truck & More Performance than a Sports Car

The world knows that there’s no better real-life showman than Elon Musk. And, the Tesla CEO proves it on the stage while unveiling the Cybertruck. While demonstrating the truck’s ruggedness, Musk shares the stage with Tesla’s chief of design Franz von Holzhausen. He claimed that the truck is practically bulletproof. To clarify, he hits the door of the truck several times with a sledgehammer. Moreover, the company claims that Cybertruck wins a tug-of-war with a Ford F150 and a drag race with Porsche 911.

Details of the Tesla Cybertruck’s Upcoming Versions

  • Single motor rear-wheel drive with 250 miles of range, 7,500-pound towing capacity, and 0-60mph capabilities in under 6.5 seconds, for $39,900
  • Dual motor all-wheel drive with 300 miles of range, 10,000-pound towing capacity, and 0-60mph capabilities in under 4.5 seconds, for $49,900
  • Triple motor all-wheel drive with 500 miles of range, 14,000-pound towing capacity, and 0-60mph capabilities in under 2.9 seconds, for $69,900 (production won’t start until late 2022)

Furthermore, Tesla says the truck can accommodate six adults at a time. Made of ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel, it offers ultimate strength to the truck’s body. The vault length of the truck is 6.5 feet and will have a 4-inch suspension in either direction. A 17-inch touchscreen is placed inside for easy operation.

Apart from this, Tesla will soon start producing Model 3S in China for the market. And, the company is also releasing Model Y crossover at the end of 2020.