The current generation is gradually becoming aware of the consequences of pollution. This is reflecting on the choice of mode of transport people now opting for. Of course, we are indicating at the entry of electric vehicles in the market. The last couple of years we have been seeing a spike in the electric vehicle production and sales on a global front. while there are many new faces trying their wit at producing EVs, at the same time notable automakers are also branching out to sustainable vehicles.

Speaking of which we have the popular motorcycle maker Harley Davidson entering the EV domain with its all-new electric bike Livewire. It is a fully electric general-purpose street motorcycle that can accommodate two people, the rider and pillion. It was unveiled in the 2018 EICMA Motor show.


Livewire has great acceleration and instant torque. It has a lightweight cast-aluminum frame which provides better handling. This bike makes use of SHOWA suspensions on both the rear and front wheels. It uses Michelin Scorcher tires. This bike packs an LCD instrumental console which details out the trip, speed, battery and everything else.

There are other features such as other features as the ABS, traction control, cornering ABS and front-wheel lift mitigation.


The Harley Davidson Livewire can reach 0-60 km/h in 3.5 seconds. It offers a range of 235 km in the city roads. This electric bike packs an electric motor of power output 78kW(104.6 bhp). A 15.5kWh battery setup powers it up. This Harley Davidson electric bike offers a peak torque of 116 Nm.

Price and availability

The price of the Harley Davidson Livewire will start at US$29,799. It will be available in America and later in Europe. Soon, the bike is also going to unveil in India. However, it will be available towards the Q4 2019 or early-mid 2020.