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The general purpose street motorcycle is also popular by other monikers such as roadsters and naked bikes. It serves the main purpose as a daily commuter and occasional tourer.

These bikes feature upright riding position. Sometimes the modern bikes you can see slight front reclining seats or the rider. The motorcycle is usually two-seater. The pillion seats can either be separate or combined.

The riding position in a general-purpose street motorcycle is not the same as of sports bike. So, the rider doesn’t have to lean in too forward while riding. These days clip-on handlebars make the riding experience better.

Usually, in a street purpose motorcycle, you will not see any fairing on the sides. Most bikes in this segment are of lower cost with mid-range performance. So, normally beginners prefer this kind of bikes.

Now, the general-purpose street motorcycle is not limiting itself to IC-engines only. The modern-day automakers are coming up with sustainable electric two-wheelers in the general street purpose segment.

Some good example of street purpose electric motorcycles can be the Revolt RV 400 from Revolt Motors india.

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