EV Lens is a dedicated platform for all the information regarding the electric vehicles present across the world. Electric Vehicles have set up a new phase of disruption in the global automobile industry. Few years from now, IC-based engines will be obsolete. Governments of various nations are already discussing to ban the IC-engine and replace it with electricity powered vehicles. Public has already begun the shift to emissionless mode of transport.

This is where EV Lens enters the scene presenting information about the complete ecosystem of cars and bikes running on electricity. The aim of EV Lens is to fuel this disruption and aware more number of people about the presence and importance of eco-friendly electric vehicles.

EV Lens brings you all the latest news update about all brands and segment of electric vehicle out there in any part of the world. Let it be imported and luxury sedan or a cool hatchback commuter, if it’s electric, EV Lens has all the information about it.  

On EV Lens you will find the detailed information on prices, specifications, availability of all -kinds of electric vehicles. Also, EV Lens will help you compare various electric automobiles based on various parameters.

We have an equal amount of love for both cars and bikes. So, for the eco-friendly bike enthusiasts we have a separate section for electric-motor powered bikes where they can compare their favorite bikes and get updated information on the price and availability across the globe.