Elon Musk has made a new announcement on Twitter. Next week Tesla Model S will run on the acclaimed Nurburgring race track.

Recently, the new Porsche Taycan also did a test run on the same race track. The results were quite amazing. The car covered the entire track of 20.6km in 7minutes 42 seconds. In fact, it holds the record of being the fastest four-door, all-electric sports car.

Now, the Taycan has been taking the limelight for many weeks now. So, probably Tesla wants to make an impression on the electric car enthusiasts. We guess the Model S will try its best to beat or come closer to the Taycan’s record. There is no direct indication to this though. Elon’s announcement comes right after the release of the Taycan. So, we speculate on this.

Earlier the Tesla Model 3 has run on the Nurburgring race track. However, it was not really that fast. So, maybe the Model 3 couldn’t yield performance as per the expectation.

Here, we must note that Taycan’s track run was carried out by professional racers. Also, with all its improvement Model S has the potential to excel at the Nurburgring track. We can expect a pro racer will drive the Model S. So, what do you think.? Is Tesla trying to compete with Porsche.? Will the Model S be able to impress everyone on the track.? Let us know your views on this.