If you search for the next-gen electric car, you get a list of cars coming up next year and beyond. However, Europe is yet to welcome another next-generation electric vehicle from the manufacturer Karma Automotive. The luxury electric car brand, Karma is all set to enter into Europe with its new models. The company claims that it will take on Tesla to become the leader in luxury electric cars. However, the world is eagerly waiting to see how much potential it has as taking Tesla from the leader board seems difficult for everyone. Recently, Tesla revealed Cybertruck which is the first pickup truck so far with outstanding caliber.

Karma introduces its 2020 Revero GT which looks one-of-its-kind with the latest design; it is the revamped version of its 2019 model. Southern California based manufacturer, Karma has wrapped up production of its previous model last month. And claims that the first roll-off will be done in the upcoming three months.

What’s Expected from this Next-Gen Electric Car?

The new design of 2020 Revero GT cuts 0.9 seconds off its 0-60mph speed, going from 5.4 seconds to 4.5 seconds. However, the top speed limits to 125mph. Karma 2020 Revero GT has twin electric motors that promise to deliver 536 horsepower and 499 kg-ft of torque. Karma has put a hefty price tag of $135,000 (123,128 euros) on the model, each of which is bespoke with one-off designs exclusively meant for each customer.

The brand hires former Tesla Executive Rogier Kroymans to coordinate the launch of Revero GT in Europe. Therefore, it claims to overtake Tesla and become the leader in luxury electric car selling. After hiring, the brand takes suggestions and adds new features including three different drive modes. This allows Karma to introduce emissions-free travel while sustain turns on the range. Major revamping includes the extension of the generator to preserve the battery pack’s power for use whenever the driver chooses.

The Company’s Claims

New 2020 Revero GT also has a sport mode that combines the output from the battery pack and the generator for maximum driving performance. Seeing all the major changes, it confirms that the 2020 Revero GT is the definitive luxury electric vehicle. Karma’s chief revenue officer, John Maloney says Karma 2020 Revero GT is the true reflection of the brand’s luxury electric vehicle design and engineering capabilities, ushering in a new era for the company. Moreover, John says Karma’s car offers the best of both worlds – extended EV capability without any range anxiety. And, he believes that this is the optimal solution for the luxury car market of today.

The brand also claims that its new product range features eco-friendliness and reclaimed wood as interior trim. Let’s see how much truth it has once the company puts 2020 Revero GT on the road.

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