Mahindra Electric is one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers in India. And, is an aggressive automaker which now aims to make green mobility a reality in India. Presently, the company sells electric three-wheelers and electric four-wheelers. However, the automaker claims that it is working on a wide array of products to make India a leading hub for electric vehicles.

The company welcomes its new Chief Technology Officer Martin Murray into the Mahindra Electric family. Mr. Murray has served General Motors for over 30 years and his visions are outstanding – says the spokesman from Mahindra. At Mahindra Electric, he is responsible for product engineering, project engineering, mobility solutions, and program management. In addition, he will directly report to the CEO, Mahindra Electric – Mahesh Babu.

In his first public address, Murray shares his thought today on the global electrification story. Speaking at ITEC India 2019, Bangalore, he delivers the speech about EVs in the United States and Europe.

EVs Globally and What Should Mahindra Considers from the Market Analysis

On the other hand, China’s electric vehicle market share increased despite the ongoing automotive slowdown. The world’s largest EV market owner now takes initiation to reduce its EV industry subsidies. He said it will be interesting to see if the reduction in subsidy will impact EV sales in India or not. Referring to EV battery cost, Martin Murray said that global studies point out that Tesla hasn’t solved the battery cost problem. And the electric propulsion system will accounts for 25% of the ICE vehicle cost as per a USB study.

He acknowledged that Tesla has made EVs exciting and interesting. For India, where overall automotive sales are dominated by two and three-wheelers, Murray said, “India can’t just take cues from the global market. The Indian EV story is unique and not the same as in the US, Europe or China.

Mahindra Electric Should Aim for Affordable Solutions

The new CTO believes that only affordable solutions like the 48V system and 72V system can propel the EV growth in India. Electric three-wheelers will lead the EV adoption followed by electric two-wheelers and electric buses. So, Mahindra Electric’s vision should now move to take affordable mobility near to the masses. Martin Murray told in the press conference.

Besides, he adds that the company is going to make solutions for electric mobility in India for the world. It’s all about the battery in electrification. He says, “We can’t have strong penetration towards EVs with high battery costs and affordability will be the key.

In a recent interaction with the CEO, he said that Mahindra Electric is seeing strong traction with the launch of Treo which is an electric three-wheeler. As a result, the company now has an experience of over 170 million electric kilometers. Furthermore, if it lowers the low cost of operations, the economics of EVs could get better. The CEO says in the press meet.

Another point the CEO makes in the press meet is that Mahindra will launch three new EVs in the next 18-20 months. Due to which the company can see more growth and continue to help the EV revolution – the CEO comments. The upcoming EVs from Mahindra will include the eKUV, S210, and an electric sedan. With this revelation, it seems like Mahindra sets up its goal to get into the leaderboard of EV makers in India. Besides, the company claims that it will stick its focus on catering to fleet operators in various shared mobility platforms which are in line with the Govt’s FAME scheme.