Volkswagen to invest 50 billion euro further in its next electrification expansion project. With this announcement, we believe Volkswagen is becoming unstoppable when it’s about continuous EV production and supply. According to a recent report, the Volkswagen group has already mindset to launch 75 electric vehicles and 60 hybrids in the next decade. As a result, the Volkswagen Group Supervisory Board approves the investment plan at the planning round meeting.

This is where the draft proposed for the development of electric vehicles and hybrid technology in the next five years. Seeing this, the seniors present at the meeting say it shows an increase in the research part.

Volkswagen group’s Investment Plan for the Upcoming Years

The Volkswagen Group chiefs expand the planned roll-out of electric vehicles for the next 10 years across its brands. As part of the plan, Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Porsche, Seat, and Skoda will contribute to the expansion. Soon there will be more electrified models than it is now across the world. In addition, the chefs also revealed that they won’t stop until 26 million fully electric cars and nearly 6 million hybrids hit the road. The plan of action is made and will try to achieve the same by the end of 2029 – said the company representative.

Volkswagen plans to produce around 20million EVs on its bespoke MEB platform out of its 26million fully electric cars. Automobile users can find the use of the bespoke MEB platform in Volkswagen ID 3. However, the rest of the 6 million will receive the high-performance PPE platform. You can commonly find the use of a high-performance PPE platform in Audi and Porsche.

What Plans Will Make Volkswagen Group Achieve Its Plan?

The reports on using the PPE platform by the 6 million upcoming EVs clearly show that it will be widely used throughout the Volkswagen Group and not limited to Porsche and Audi anymore. The designed architecture supports full-size luxury cars and SUVs. In addition, it features an 800V system that’s capable of 350kW fast charging.

The boss Herbert Diess from the Volkswagen Group said the plan of action shows that the organization would step up the pace again in the upcoming years with its proposed investments. Hybridization, electrification, and digitalization of fleets are becoming an increasingly important area of focus for the entire Volkswagen Group – Mr. Diess said. Therefore, we intend to take advantage of economies of scale and achieve maximum synergies. He added and conclude his speech.