2022 Range Rover revealed with good signs for all the EV lovers. Land Rover’s all-new 5th-Generation Range Rover is now under development in West Midlands. Further, the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plans to rethink how its modern luxury cars should look in the new decade. Also, sources picked up stories straight from the company that explains JLR’s plan on its flagship models like full-fat RR and Jaguar XJ Limousine. The company claims that it will receive an update from the company and will have heavily electrified powertrains. The step is taking place to retain relevance in these carbon-crunched times.

What the Fully EV Range Rover will Look Like?

  • The 2022 Range Rover will use JLR’s new Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) production platform.
  • It also serves as the base for electric Jaguar XJ and the combustion-engined version of the next Range Rover.
  • Unlike the Volkswagen Group, which bases its EVs on electric-only architecture, the MLA platform can take a range of powertrains.
  • The fully EV Range Rover will have a skateboard design cabin for storing batteries along with two electric motors on each axle.
  • The MLA platform can support battery sizes of up to 90.2kWh equating to a range of around 250 miles.

Range Rover’s electrification perfectly fits the company’s “Destination Zero” emission pledge. However, the company claims to raise Range Rover’s already lofty off-road game. The increased refinement on the road and silent running of electrified powertrains are what exciting me says the JLR vehicle line director Nick Collins while revealing more about 2020 Range Rover. On the other hand, you get peak torque at zero revs together with much more accurate control in off-road – he adds.

Earlier, Jaguar i-Pace has stunned the world with its amazing all-electric car features. With its launch, people started telling that it’s a tempting alternative to established rivals such as Tesla Model X. Jaguar i-Pace claims to go 0-62mph in 4.8 seconds. Tha lack of conventional powertrain in i-Pace has been fulfilled by 2022 Range Rover EV.

The next-generation Range Rover is expected to arrive in early 2022! Let’s hope for the best until then!!!