Electric cargo bikes land in NYC as the real Santa this Christmas. The growing number of polluting and congesting delivery trucks throughout the city will now get a check from the authorities. One of the reports says shopping has never been so easy and charming than these days in NYC. The massive shift from traditional to online shopping brings a drastic increase in the number of deliveries made per day. Simultaneously, it increases the number of delivery trucks on the roads which undoubtedly clogging the streets and polluting the air. Due to this, the already famously congested streets of NYC get overload with delivery trucks which are either unloading in bicycle lanes or sidewalks. Sometimes they block the entire route by entering anywhere the trucks fit in. Luckily, e-cargo bikes are the future solution.

Electric Cargo Bikes: The Problem-Buster for NYC

According to NYC’s new program, the city will soon receive electric cargo bikes to replace the large delivery trucks on the roads. The residents are yet to see how smaller and intrusive e-cargo bikes can bring the difference. Leading companies like Amazon, DHL, and UPS are a few to name who will bring it into operation. The e-cargo bikes can travel at city speeds yet take up much less room than conventional delivery trucks. And of course, they deliver zero-emissions during use. All these benefits lead NYC to take the decision faster and implement it sooner.

To make everything go easy and smooth, the e-cargo bikes are yet to receive permission to park in special unloading zones and certain areas of wide sidewalks where they won’t obstruct the pedestrian traffic.

Targets Set for Error-free Operation

Firstly, the operation of e-cargo bikes will go live in the busiest areas of Manhattan from 60th Street down to Battery. Electric bikes are getting more attention nowadays then it was previously, especially for delivery services in NYC. Earlier this year Domino’s Pizza becomes the trendsetter by announcing it’s early adoption of commercial electric bikes for pizza deliveries.

E-cargo bikes are also getting popular among entrepreneurs for commercial purposes. Some of the reports also come into view where e-cargo bikes were loaded with ice-cream freezers to supply chilled ice-creams across the city. The concept is outstanding and broader implementation can turn micro-businesses into a highly profitable business.

So, what do you think about e-cargo bikes? Would you like these smaller and greener vehicles to replace the large delivery trucks in your city? Do let us know in the comment section!