All-electric BMW IX3 will go into the production line in 2020 says the German carmaker. The official announcement reveals that the company plans to begin making the all-electric iX3 in its Shenyang facility in China. The well-liked brand plans to sell around three million plug-in electric cars by 2025. As a result, it will increase BMW’s year-on-year sales by 30%.

The iX3 model is based on the X3. It is the third electric model from BMW to reach the market following the i3 hatchback and electric Mini Cooper SE. The electric Mini Cooper SE is now available for order and receives applauds from the EV lovers. BMW aims to bring 12 electric models in total by 2025, we may see more EV models in the upcoming days. Recently, the brand unveils i4 gran coupe due in 2021 and the autonomous Vision iNext.

The BMW i4 can achieve 600km driving range on a single charge. On the other hand, Vision iNext is the next-gen autonomous vehicle from the company. Thanks to the compact 80kWh battery pack, because of which the BMW i4 achieves the 600km range says the brand.

BMW iX3 Goes Concept to Production

In a recent interaction with the brand, the company comments that the iX3, which to date has only been seen as a concept or in testing camouflage, will offer an estimated 440km driving range. According to the preliminary data from BMW, iX3 can achieve that range with 74kWh usable battery capacity using 20kWh/100km. Besides, it will also be the first vehicle to sport BMW’s 5th generation drivetrain technology says the company. Consumers will see the use of the same technology in BMW’s upcoming i4 and iNext. They feature BMW’s latest battery technology.

The 5th generation drivetrain will bring motor, system electronics, and transmission together into one housing. Therefore, the vehicles will be considerably lightweight and have improved motor output to a weight ratio of 30% compared to the brand’s previous-generation technology.

According to preliminary data, the upshot of this is the maximum power output of 210kW delivered to the rear wheels and 400Nm torque. The representative says BMW is keen to impress the reduced dependence on rare earth metals not only in its battery but also in motor production. Because it will eliminate any such need shortly.

In terms of battery, the iX3 includes the latest NMC-811 prismatic technology from BMW. It uses two-thirds less cobalt and has a 20% higher energy density than BMW’s previous battery tech. Additionally, BMW says it has secured a transparent supply chain of cobalt and lithium which are the subject of scrutiny due to unethical child labor practices in certain countries.

BMW for the first time says it will procure its own cobalt and lithium supplies. And they will be sourced from Morocco and Australia before handing off to battery makers to produce cells for the iX3.