Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar though announced a few months earlier, the makers can’t fix the production date for it. Finally, the long-waiting has over. Now we can expect it will hit the roads in 2021. The company claims that things got a little delayed because of more Mercedes-Benz models are on the production.

This Formula-1 based hypercar was supposed to arrive in 2019. However, test results show excessive noise and emissions which slows down its production at that time. Not only AMG devotees are waiting to see it on the road, but also the EV lovers are waiting for it eagerly.

Mercedes-AMG’s global head of sales and project management, Michael Knoller, says “the Formula1-derived One Hypercar is the highest priority for all of us at AMG”. So, they need to make sure everything is perfect before they put it into production and sale. He also said that “we have reached the tipping point and now they are back on track to let AMG One Hypercar go the next phase of its development.”

Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar Progress To Date

Mercedes-AMG engineers are now progressing on adapting the 1000-hp Formula1-derived plug-in-hybrid drivetrain for street use. The company also wants to make sure that the engine passes the emission requirements. And thus, they try to quiet the very complicated exhaust system. The company invited all 275 customers who are curious to know what’s the status. AMG explains the challenges they have to overcome to finally push this hypercar into the production line. These forced-to-be-patient buyers also get confirmation from AMG One that Mercedes is making sure to provide everything that the company has promised to deliver first. This includes a top speed of 217mph and a zero-to-124mph in six seconds. The Mercedes-AMG One Hypercar is one of many vehicles that the company is working on to get electrified powertrain.

Electrification is on everyone’s mind to support the EV revolution. But customers will love electric cars with higher performance value. The Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door Coupe will be available for customers by the end of 2020 with a plug-in-hybrid powertrain – Knoller said. Mercedes AMG One will have stunning acceleration for its customers followed by more boost, more torque, and more power. It’s coming with a great package as well.

Despite many changes, what stays the same is the pure performance orientation of our powertrains – said Micael Knoller.

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