Kia Niro EVs sell 200 pieces at a time! Check the facts here! LYFT recently launched a program that confirms the supply of 200 fully electric vehicles to its drivers in the Denver Market. As a reputed ridesharing company, the firm’s decision is best against the carbon footprint. The company understands that the more they use electric vehicles, the better possibility they’ll generate for reducing emission. Therefore, the entire lot of vehicles they assigned to drivers consists of Kia Niro EVs.

Kia Niro EVs have an EPA-rated 239-mile range and is not yet available in Colorado. However, the company plans to do it through its Express Drive Rental Program. As a result, the company can promote the initiative “Your Make-It-Happen Rental Car”. This initiative was also live in major metro areas of the United States in association with Avis Budget Group, Hertz, and Flexdrive. Drivers, at that time, were taking vehicles on rent for 7 days. After that, there’s one condition that needs to be followed by drivers is that they have complete 20 rides in a week.

Lyft says vehicle cost is a barrier for electric vehicle adoption. And, in any way it can overcome this challenge; then EVs will see a bright future ahead of time. Lyft also claims that the program launched can also help with the challenges of vehicle-affordability for ride-hailing drivers. The Lyft launched program confirms that Niro EV starts at $230 per week including insurance and roadside assistance.

The company claims that this is the first time anyone has ever done. This is the single largest deployment of electric vehicles so far in Colorado. And this is the first time such a wide variety of electric vehicles available for drivers in Colorado.

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Moreover, the company also clarifies that its launched program offers convenient access to fast charging. Besides, the program also invites partners to join them in incentivizing and mitigating barriers to the deployment of charging infrastructure. When asked how the program will subsidize charging, Lyft’s VP of Fleet & Global Operations said that it wouldn’t be possible without Governor Polis and his administration, and the forward-thinking policies of state legislative leaders. It’s because of Colorado’s changed perception, Lyft can bring on electric vehicles at scale. This partnership will definitely encourage others to step forward and invest more in electric vehicles to support the infrastructure in Colorado.

If companies remain somewhat noncommital in Colorado, they can see more investment opportunities in all stages of the Colorado electric car ecosystem soon. The state has already issued a notice to adopt an alternative zero-emission vehicle fast. However, this doesn’t go into effect until 2023. That’s when electric vehicles and hybrid charging points need to scale up the sale of EVs by 4.9%. And again aim at a 6.1% rise by the end of 2030.

The government and banks in Colorado find their way to incentivize automakers to start bringing more electric vehicles to Colorado starting from early January 2020. With these encouraging steps, we can only hope for the best future!

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