BYD has signed an MOU with the Bogota to deliver 379 pure electric buses in upcoming days. The Chinese electric bus automaker, BYD gets the deal by the capital’s TransMilenio SA mass transport authority. According to reports, the fleet operations will begin by September 2020. As a result, Bogota will be the first to receive the largest electric bus fleet on the continent. And, this will be the largest delivery of electric bus fleet across the world. Once BYD successfully delivers this order, Colombia will have a total of 443 BYD electric buses on its roads. Earlier, 64 pure electric buses have already delivered in Medellin by BYD. Upon successful completion of this project, entire Latin America will be the first to bring such an increased number of¬† EV revolution into public transportation.

More Facts about BYD Pure Electric Buses

Sources said BYD will be solely responsible for manufacturing these pure electric buses and operated by the Integrated Public Transportation System – SITP. The towns of USME and Fontibon to be the first to enjoy BYD’s cutting edge electric bus technology. Therefore, BYD is again in limelight to smash the record for the largest electric bus order in America following its delivery of 183 buses to Chile during August 2019. With the arrival of zero-emission buses in SITP, BYD fulfills the dream of its administration. With technology that is both state-of-the-art and user-friendly, BYD aims to give cities a better public transport service. Though the operation has remained a great challenge for BYD, it never stops to bring the great benefits of electric vehicles near to all of Bogota’s citizens.

BYD’s successful bid to turn the entire public transport service towards a cleaner and more sustainable transport. More importantly, the use of these electric buses will produce zero-emission. As a result, the locals will enjoy better air quality and improved living conditions. It’s an important milestone in the transport history of Bogota. And, every resident should be proud of being a part of the great transition to electric.

What the Analysts Have to Say Regarding BYD’s Electric Bus Delivery?

The analysts say BYD’s pure electric vehicle fleet will cancel out around 22,000 tons of CO2 and 526 kilograms of PM 2.5 pollutant particles. Also, these electric buses are 60% cheaper to operate than the traditional diesel-powered buses. The zero-emission transportation solution by BYD has gained ground in Latin America. However, it is aimed at entering other service markets in many countries including Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Argentina, and Uruguay. The sole motive of BYD is to bet on greener, electrified public transport systems to support climate change initiatives.

BYD buses, taxis, and other electric vehicles are now available globally. They are operating nearly across 50 countries and 300 cities/regions.

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