BME E-Power Roadster Electric Bike shows its face to BMW fans. BMW is one of the mainstream manufacturers that’s most involved in the electrification of transportation. It didn’t come as a big surprise when the manufacturer showed the Vision DC Roadster back in June. In fact, people get surprised that it didn’t come earlier. Since then BMW is pretty sure about what could become the game-changer for its first electric motorcycle.

When & How BMW E-Power Roadster Electric Bike Give Its First Look to the Audience?

When the news picked up the fire, many European media headed to France to check out the first look of E-Power Roadster(BMW’s working name for its electric motorcycle prototype). Some of the European journalists also got the chance to test-drive the E-Power Roadster. According to the journalists, the E-Power Roadster is actually an assembly of bits and pieces of existing BMW models.

The front-end is borrowed from BMW S 1000 R and the back-end from BMW R 1200 RS. As it’s in the development stage, the priority is to put the electric powertrain through its paces rather than gives the model a finished look. Though even just a Frankenbike, the BMW E-Power showcases some really interesting features.

Some of the E-Power Specs Revealed by the Media

First, contrarily to most electric motorcycles that use a belt or chain final drive, this one sends power to the back wheel through a shaft. The bike itself is an amalgam of BMW bikes, the electric powertrain combines bits borrowed from hybrid and electric cars. The 13kW battery at the core of the bike was grafted from a hybrid 2 Series while the electric motor comes from a long-wheelbase 7 Series which is a Chinese exclusivity. This facilitates the E-Power to produce 136 horsepower and an exciting 147 lb-ft of torque.

The Motorcycle News reports that the E-Power can go from 0 to 60 in a minuscule 2.9 seconds. It’s 0.2 seconds faster than BMW S 1000 RR. However, the bike weighs around 639 lb. The prototype is fast charger-compatible. And, it can recharge three miles of range a minute which means that within 30mins it can regain 90% of its total range.

The head of BMW Motorrad Christoph Lischka said that the company will further the development of E-Power Roadster. Once the team figures out how to increase the range to reach between 125 to 185 miles, it will be sent for production.

So, the electric BMW bike is an upcoming thing for sure. And, the bets are open – the head told.

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