E-Cargo Bike? How did it sound to you? Because it sounds awesome to us! Imagine how good it will be to deliver chilled and frozen goods. The company Electric Assisted Vehicle Limited (EAV) is the first to think of something extraordinary like this. It’s an electric cargo bike that no one has ever think about. Once launched, the world witnesses the first-ever fully temperature-controlled e-cargo bike.

Specially designed to serve the urban areas, the EAVcool e-cargo bikes can deliver chilled and frozen goods anywhere within a continuous cold chain. It is designed to serve the eco-friendly vehicle demand as well as the zero-emission initiatives. You will find the design fascinating as the EAVcool e-cargo bike has four wheels and is a pedal-assisted cycle. The main aim to come up with such a design is to assist the city driving and encourage more chilled and frozen goods delivery. The van-like design will steal the attention. Because it has a proper cargo compartment and a cabin that shields the freezing elements inside. It has a payload of 120kg. Plus, it is two-meter long and one meter wide and weighs around 120kgs.

Specification of World’s First E-Cargo Bike

The world’s first EAVcool e-cargo bike uses an e-nertia boost button connected to a 250-watt motor. In doing so, it helps the rider to boost the accelerator and reach up to 6 kph and on maximum pedal-assisted 25 kph. The EAVcool e-cargo bike can cover a range of 60 miles in a single day. The best part is it can be recharged using 13amp, 240V power socket. It has batteries that the driver can also use to keep the e-cargo bike in constant use but needs a full recharge in six hours.

The company EAV Limited can’t do it alone; hence, partners with Lancashire based Solomon Commercials. After the collaboration, the company has designed rear compartments using high-tech insulation. As a result, two completely independent zones form; exclusively for down to -18 and chilled product. The E-cargo bike includes a highly efficient 12V cooling system that controls and maintains the temperature.

To sum it up, EAVcool e-cargo bike is a wonderful electric bike i.e. designed to meet everyday challenges of delivery companies in urban areas. With the potential to deliver faster than traditional cargo containers, it can change the way people deliver goods. It’s highly maneuverable and can deliver goods even faster than most vans and motorcycles.

So, what do you guys think about this electric bike?

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